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Eleventh International Conference 2014
Paper submission date till 30 APR 2014
Eleventh International Conference 2014
World Association of Vedic Studies (WAVES) is a multidisciplinary academic society. It is a forum for all scholarly activities and views on any area of Vedic Studies variously called Indian Studies, South Asian Studies or Indology. WAVES is not confined to study related to Vedas alone or to India alone. It encompasses all that applies to traditions commonly called Vedic, past, present and future, anywhere in the world.

The Conference aims at bringingtogether individuals and organizations having academic interest in diverseareas of Indic / Vedic Studies. This includes independent scholars, academics,writers, journalists, media persons, artists and others interested in Indic /Vedic Studies.

World Association for VedicStudies, known by its acronym ‘WAVES’ is a multidisciplinaryacademic society that welcomes persons engaged or interested in studying anyfield of Vedic / Indic studies. The word ‘Vedic’ is used in a wide sense toinclude not only the Vedas but also the past, present and future of traditionsand societies based on Vedas.

Previous conferences include thefollowing: “Int’l Conference onRevisiting Indus - Saraswati Civilization & Ancient India”, Atlanta (GA), October 4-6, 1996,  “International Conference onNew Perspectives on Vedic & Ancient Indian Civilization”, LosAngeles (CA), August 7-9, 1998, “InternationalConference on Contemporary Views on Indian Civilization”, StevensInstitute of Technology, Hoboken, (NJ), July 28-30, 2000, “India’sContributions and Influences in the World”, University ofMassachusetts, Dartmouth (MA) July 12-14, 2002. “India’s IntellectualTraditions In Contemporary Global Context”, , University of MD, Washington,DC area, July 9– 11,2004VedicIdeas for Global Harmony and Peace in the Modern Context”, University of Houston, Houston,Texas, July 8-10, 2006,  “Vedic heritage for GlobalWelfare of Next Generation”, , Orlando, FL, June 27-29, 2008, “Vedic Knowledge for CivilizationalHarmony”,Trinidad, West Indies, August 4-7, 2010, “Varna Jati and Kula – A conference onIndia’s caste system”,Piscataway, NJ, July 29-31, 2011, “Vedic Cultures –Epic and Pauranic Phase”, Dartmouth(MA), July 13-15, 2012.

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